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Sr Duncan of RanchHand Corgis- Triple Clear; DM, vWD, and EIC

Ranchhand Corgis Miss Gabriela- DM carrier, vWD clear, EIC clear

Ranchhand Corgis Miss Aggie- DM at risk, vWD clear, EIC clear

RanchHand Corgi News

With the recent discovery of the mutated gene responsible for Degenerative Myelopathy (see information links listed below) a DNA test is being offered through the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) licensed by the University of Missouri. There are other labs offering testing that include; Vetnostic's, Animal Genetics, and Gensol Diagnostics. All have competitive pricing. Some give litter discounts if interested. (This is the SAME gene that causes ALS, Lou Gehrigs Disease,in people) The test will provide one of three results for breeders testing their dogs;

1.) CLEAR - dog does NOT HAVE the mutated gene, therefore, cannot pass it on or get the disease.

2.) CARRIER - dog has one copy of the mutated gene and can pass it on but NOT get the disease.

3) "AT RISK" - dog has two copies of the gene and stands a risk of actually developing the disease as well as passing it on to offspring. An "At Risk" test result, however, does not guarantee the dog WILL develop the disease. Research is continuing, hoping to discover what "triggers" the gene to cause the disease to develop.

We are in an ongoing process to test all of our breeding stock. We will post the results as they are released. At that time if we need to contact previous puppy buyers of possible genetic issues we will do so.

We will do our part to make the best breeding decisions to not produce a dog with both genes at risk to develop this horrid disease. DM robs our corgis of many years of quality of life, changes the lifestyle of the owner and, eventually, breaks our hearts when our beloved's can no longer go on.

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